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Lakeside will tackle projects approved by a joint steering committee comprised of members from the Northwestern and Deerfield scientific leadership teams. The Northwestern committee members will use their experiential scientific knowledge, in consultation with Deerfield, to assess each proposal’s potential biological and commercial success.

Projects will be selected based on many criteria, with an emphasis on the novelty of biological insight, regardless of its stage of development. Projects accepted by Lakeside will be supported with a complete development plan, including vital experiments needed to reach Investigational New Drug (IND)-readiness in an expedited time frame.

Downloadable PDF for interested applicants


Q: What is the collaboration between Northwestern and Deerfield Management?

A: Northwestern is collaborating with Deerfield, an investment firm dedicated to advancing healthcare, to accelerate the translation of research in Northwestern faculty laboratories into clinical therapeutics. Lakeside Discovery is a Deerfield company that will support Northwestern’s innovative translational research and leverage Deerfield’s expertise in accelerating state-of-the-art drug development.

Lakeside will fund projects with the aim of establishing novel therapeutics to cure life-altering diseases.

Through Lakeside, Deerfield has committed up to $65 million in initial funding to support promising Northwestern translational research. Deerfield will provide operational support, and may make additional capital investments into spin-off companies that emerge from Lakeside projects and show commercial potential.

Q: Who is eligible to apply?

A: Principal Investigators whose full-time employer is Northwestern or who have a faculty appointment at Northwestern and are subject to Northwestern’s policies regarding the conduct of research and ownership of intellectual property.

Q: How can I apply?

A: To submit an application, please register below to create a Lakeside Discovery profile. Details will follow.

Q: How many calls for proposal are there in a year?

A: There will be 1-2 calls for proposals each year. Dates will be announced on our website.

Q: Does Lakeside have a therapeutic area of interest?

A: No – We welcome applications from all therapeutic areas.

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Additional FAQs can be found once eligible applicants have registered through the RFP submission portal.